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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hamp Hut Photos 6-28-09

The girls spent the weekend IN Garden of the Gods with their girl scout group. We took these photos when we picked them up on Sunday.

My Parents Finally Get to Colorado!

It was wonderful to finally get to spend time with my parents in Colorado at our family's vacation home! These photos were taken on Saturday, 6-27-09.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation Photos 6-16-09

Rebekah, Annabelle, and Jo Ann are enjoying some off time at the Schneider Family vacation house!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Annnabelle's Camp Out Adventure

Annabelle went on a two night, three day, camp out with her Girl Scout Troop.

Here's her story:

Daddy got me there and Mary picked me up and we put up the tent. After that, we went to the playground that was at the campsite and played. Then, we went back and we had our sack lunch dinner. I had a peanut butter sandwich since Daddy forgot my sack dinner. Then, we sat up our sleeping bags. We were going to roast marshmellows, but it started raining. It started hailing. When the lightning started, we ran for the bathrooms and the visitor center that was there. We had to stay in the bathrooms for about 2 hours! We played crossword puzzles in the bathrooms. After that, we went back to the tent, and went to bed. I was up to "like one in the morning" since it was hard to sleep on the ground.

We woke up the next morning. I had eggs, bacon, and grilled toast (it was good!). I didn't drink the orange juice since it didn't taste good.

After breakfast we went on a really long hike. We went on a trail and it took about an hour. We identified flowers and mushrooms on the hike.

Then, after the hike, we went back to the campsite and we had lunch. I had a turkey sandwich. Everybody made their own sandwich. We also had grapes.

After that, we went to the visitors center, and watched a film about Zebulon Pike and then we went to the playground.

Then, it was dinner time. I had TWO HAMBURGERS and grapes and beans! We roasted marshmellows and then we went to bed.

On Sunday morning we woke up at 6:00 AM and had cereal. Then we packed up our sleeping bags. Then, we got to play Girl Scout games. We then put all the stuff from the tent away and took down the tent. Then we did a couple more games and it was finally time to go!

We drove to the park entrance and Daddy picked me up at 9:00 AM!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Grandma Tells About the First Dinner She Made for my Grandpa

In March of 1986, we taped my grandma, Fannie Schneider, telling an amusing story about the first meal she cooked for my grandfather, Max Schneider when they were newlyweds.

Video of My Grandma in 1986

Dan and I filmed this in March of 1986. It is a great memory of my Grandma, Fannie!

"One Special Kid"

Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I woke up and watched part of a Disney Channel movie. It was about a teenage girl who had a twin brother who had some developmental disabilities. She shared what her life is like. Thngs were just not ordinary for her or her family.

The story made me weep since I related to the story. The girl in the story reminded me of my daughters, since my son is "one special kid." What has made him "special," has affected my life and theirs. We try to pretend all is fine, but things really are different for us.

I discovered that something was different during my son's toddler and preschool years. Those differences have dictated our lives and our doings.

When my son was young, he just didn't fit in. We'd go to playgroups or reading circles, and I was on "pins and needles." I would wonder if my son would behave. Would I get dirty looks from other mothers? There were times we were asked to leave. It was hard.

As time passed, I gave up. I kept my little family away from situations where we might not fit in. We kept to ourselves.

As my son got close to beginning Kindergarten, I thought maybe I was wrong that my little boy was different, and placed him in a public school program. I "held my breath," and was delighted that all seemed to work out at first. "Maybe my son was not different afterall," I thought.

Then, THE CALL came.

"I'm seeing some things wrong with your son," the teacher explained. I've scheduled a meeting with the district officials to explain how we can help your son.

My son became "officially special" that day.

As the school year passed, I was delighted with the special help my son received and thought things would be okay. BUT...First Grade did not go as well. After the first quarter's grades came, my husband and I made the decision to homeschool all of our children. We believed we were strong enough to be our children's teachers and also we believed homeschooling would protect our children from the rough and not so friendly outside world.

It's almost ten years later. My children have done great with homeschooling. My son escaped spending the years being "that problem kid" or "that different kind of learner." He's done well in academics, in recreation, in creative ventures, and in life!

However....that does not mean things have been easy. My son is now a teen. Can he really make it as an adult?

My son is "one special kid." He's accomplished a great deal and he's done way more than the world expected of him. Maybe all will be okay, but that Disney movie still makes me weep. I wonder what may lie ahead.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

I Got to "Do Patch"!!!

On Friday, 6-5-09, the Colorado Springs World Arena held a Patch session. It may have been the first Patch Session held at the rink in about ten years. All 20 patches were sold. There was room for me to buy a patch for myself though. I used our family's scribe (now a collector's item!) and scribed circles for me and my own 3 kids. I had fun laying out figures! I wish there had been more time, since I did have time for change double threes, but would have loved to have got to rockers, counters, and change brackets!

Joel and Annabelle PASSED! 6-6-09

Again, I'm a proud mom! Joel passed his Intermediate Freestyle test today AND Annabelle passed her Juvenile Freestyle test! Go kids!

Fire and Ice 6-5-09

Both Joel and Annabelle skated great in Fire and Ice on 6-5-09. This was their last "practice performances" before their tests that were scheduled for 6-6-09. I'm very grateful that our skating club has these opportunities to skate and perform in front of an audience.

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