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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Frozen in Fresno 1-27-16

My best friend of almost (gulp) 50 years Marion Ennis Curtis and her husband Bruce and one of Dan's closest and oldest friends in the world, Jim Tucker and his wife Linda, connected with us in Fresno, California yesterday, 1-27-16, to see my son Joel skate and perform in Disney On Ice Frozen! It was a wonderful time together!


  • Private Video Link  - JF Show Fresno 1-27-2016
  • Yosemite Trip 1-26-16!

    Dan always wanted to take me to Yosemite, the place he spent his wonderful childhood vacatons. Finally, on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, we got to go!

    Friday, January 22, 2016

    Cross Country Skiing - Country Club of Woodmoor 1-22-16

    I went cross country skate skiing today at the newly opened Nordic Center at Country Club of Woodmoor in Monument, Colorado. I skied about 6 miles of wonderful trails and had a great time!

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016

    My Response to Letter Sent to Entire Colorado Springs Jewish Community

    Just a few days ago, a letter appeared in the email boxes of many of the members of the Jewish community in Colorado Springs.  The letter addressed a very sensitive issue.

    The person who wrote the letter is a person I have met and discussed issues of Judaism with every year (for about seven or eight years) in the mountains when my family celebrates Rosh Hashanah.  I have enjoyed the discussions I've had with him very much and know that even if his letter may have seemed to have a goal of creating dissension, that that individual enjoys discussing "just about anything" and did not mean to directly hurt, he just wanted to start a "hot" discussion among Jews because he believes discussion promotes the continous learning that has been encouraged in the Jewish community throughout time.

    Now, let me talk about the letter that was sent to almost the entire Colorado Springs Jewish community:

    The letter was actually sent to one particular individual who is a recent convert to Judaism and then a copy of that four-page letter was sent to a list of people who had allowed their email addresses to be posted in a temple directory.

    The person who received the original letter had allowed his name and email address to be posted on the temple website and newsletters that announced that if anyone was interested, that a Chavurah group for the gay and lesbian community in our city was available.

    I believe most people who saw the announcement of that group didn't give it much thought since it is known that most modern Jewish people of today are supportive of what may be considered a "non-conservative line of thinking."  For example, for several years, members of the Colorado Springs Jewish community have shown their support for gay rights by taking part in the Colorado Springs Gay Pride Parade.

    The letter sent to the new convert to Judaism (with copies to the entire Colorado Springs Jewish community) made it very clear that there are people in the Colorado Springs Jewish community that do not believe that supporting gay rights is okay.  The letter is four pages long.

    I have read the letter over and over again.  My concern is that the person who this letter was sent to will now no longer feel welcome in the Colorado Springs Jewish community, so below is a text message I sent to the young man who received the letter:

    "The letter sent to you has caused discussion in my house. I was disturbed since you are new to Judaism and the letter did not seem like a welcoming letter. I know you have grown up in a city that is so very conservative and I want you to know the letter caused me to wonder how I have survived in this city for so long. It seems at times that there are people here who believe they have the right to tell others how to live, but I felt, until now, that most Jews here had liberal thoughts and believed in diversity and were accepting of just about anyone.  Anyway,  I just want you to know that my family and others in the Colorado Springs Jewish community do welcome you!"   

    Monday, January 11, 2016

    Family Is Everything! - Remembering Long Beach, Disney On Ice Frozen, and Family

    One of the best family meetings my son Joel had in Long Beach, when Disney On Ice Frozen was there, was with my Grandma Fannie's niece (my dad's first cousin) Marilyn and her son (my cousin Harold) and his wife Carolyn. Joel had never met Marilyn or Harold or Carolyn before. The next day, while Joel was doing the matinee shows, Annabelle and Rebekah and Dan and I and my dad, got together with the entire Buchman family. Family is everything!

    Also much of the Farris family, including Grama Farris, went to see Joel skate in Frozen on New Years Day!

    A Row of Farris's!

    Another Row of Farris's - Rebekah, Joel, Grama, Dan, Mike, and Pat

    Leaving After the Show - New Years Day 2016

    A Proud Dad of a Joel Who Is in the Frozen Cast!

    The Farris Clan Smiles Together

    Cousins Harold, Carolyn, and Marilyn Buchman Smile With Joel - 1-2-16

    Marilyn, Harold, and Carolyn Buichman Smile With Joel After the Show 1-2-16

    Food Before Our Family Get Together 1-3-16

    Food Before Our Family Get Together 1-3-16 - From Another View

    My Dad With His Cousin Marilyn - 1-3-16

    Dan, Bill, and Harold 1-3-16

    Harold, Marilyn, and My Dad - 1-3-16

    First Cousins Smile Together 1-3-16

    My Dad Whispers in His Cousin Marilyn's Ear!

    Harold, Marilyn,and My Dad - 1-3-16

    Dan and Bill

    Carolyn Took This Photo of Annabelle and JO ANN

    Carolyn and Harold

    Carolyn and Harold

    Joel Says Good-Bye to Grama Farris 1-4-16

    Family Gathering at Naples Condo - 1-3-16

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