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Monday, June 30, 2014

Diggler Mountain Scootering and Mountain Biking On Vail Mountain! 6-29-2014

We did it! We drove to Vail and then took the gondola up to the top of the mountain and biked and scootered down! Then we rode from Vail Village back to where our car was in Lionshead. It was an incredible experience and a wonderful day!  My new Diggler Dirt Dawg Mountain Scooter was so fun to ride!

This photo was taken just as we boarded the Gondala in Vail!

I smile in front of our car loaded with my scooter and bikes!  Can't wait to go to Vail!

Joel and Dan enjoyed the Gondola ride up Vail Mountain!

Below are other people riding Diggler mountain scooters in Vail....they are available to rent in Vail and at other Colorado mountain resorts....We met two guys on Digglers who had rented them in Vail, but I didn't get their photo, so I'm posting these...


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