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Monday, January 11, 2016

Family Is Everything! - Remembering Long Beach, Disney On Ice Frozen, and Family

One of the best family meetings my son Joel had in Long Beach, when Disney On Ice Frozen was there, was with my Grandma Fannie's niece (my dad's first cousin) Marilyn and her son (my cousin Harold) and his wife Carolyn. Joel had never met Marilyn or Harold or Carolyn before. The next day, while Joel was doing the matinee shows, Annabelle and Rebekah and Dan and I and my dad, got together with the entire Buchman family. Family is everything!

Also much of the Farris family, including Grama Farris, went to see Joel skate in Frozen on New Years Day!

A Row of Farris's!

Another Row of Farris's - Rebekah, Joel, Grama, Dan, Mike, and Pat

Leaving After the Show - New Years Day 2016

A Proud Dad of a Joel Who Is in the Frozen Cast!

The Farris Clan Smiles Together

Cousins Harold, Carolyn, and Marilyn Buchman Smile With Joel - 1-2-16

Marilyn, Harold, and Carolyn Buichman Smile With Joel After the Show 1-2-16

Food Before Our Family Get Together 1-3-16

Food Before Our Family Get Together 1-3-16 - From Another View

My Dad With His Cousin Marilyn - 1-3-16

Dan, Bill, and Harold 1-3-16

Harold, Marilyn, and My Dad - 1-3-16

First Cousins Smile Together 1-3-16

My Dad Whispers in His Cousin Marilyn's Ear!

Harold, Marilyn,and My Dad - 1-3-16

Dan and Bill

Carolyn Took This Photo of Annabelle and JO ANN

Carolyn and Harold

Carolyn and Harold

Joel Says Good-Bye to Grama Farris 1-4-16

Family Gathering at Naples Condo - 1-3-16

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