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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Letters to Annabelle while she was away at camp

This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on06/24/2015.
Hi! After we left you at the bus, we got Grandpa's rental car and then we left it in the Springs and we went to Woodland Park to see the house we thought was so cool. It was nice, but not right for us. We drove around Woodland Park too. Grandpa wants us to get a house near the ice rink... I'm going to begin taking stuff to Goodwill today and then we'll see if a move can really happen. Joel doesn't want us to move. I appreciate our house more since seeing the one yesterday though. It is so big and in a much nicer neighborhood than the house we saw yeserday. You looked like you were having such a nice time already yesterday at the bus. The one girl that we first met sure had a lot of make up on! Is she wearing that much make up at camp? (I thought it was so weird to see someone that decked out in make up before going to an outdoor camp!) Of course Joel was irritable all day. Daddy says he misses you already. Rebekah, says she looked at some of the photos from yesterday on the Ramah FB page and as usual was busy at rehearsals. Write soon and I'll try to write a letter on paper to you too. Love you SO MUCH! Mommy
 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on06/27/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
Sorry I have been so bad about writing. All is okay here. We took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill today and will take all of Joel's stuff to Larkspur tomorrow. We are going to rent a van from U-Haul for the day. I rode my bike on Thursday to Old Colorado City to Gail's and then saw Larisa at her art studio. Then I rode my bike Downtown to see Rebekah sing at the Mezzanine. She was so good! She sang this song called "I Could Be Jewish For You." It was so funny! Joel and I taught two hockey lessons yesterday and then we watched this jump competition at the World Arena. It was really cool! Quad jump combos, triple Axels, and back flips! We are all thinking about you and hope you have a wonderful time on your Masa. Hugs and love, Mommy
 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/02/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
I hope your Masa was great. Shabbat Shalom! It's been a busy week since we threw away a bunch of stuff and we are getting a wood floor put in the basement! Joel thinks we should look for a house in the north end of the Springs (the area north and east of CC), not in Woodland Park. Rebekah's room is still a mess. We are going to put a bunch of stuff in the storeroom which is emptier. The garage looks better. We are going to Larkspur for the 4th weekend and then (gulp) Joel leaves Sunday. Joel and I taught hockey today and he jumped after on his figure skates. We got everyone's skates sharpened today. Grama Farris is sick and in the hospital, but your dad says she will be okay. She had the flu. I love you and love getting your letters! Love, Mommy

 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/04/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
We had a nice 4th! Joel is leaving tomorrow very early though. We will miss him so much. Paul and Judy spent most of the day with us in Larkspur. We put together an informal meal. Rebekah says you must of had ice cream for breakfast! Duchess got to go on a bunch of scooter and bike rides. She looks so cute! Rebekah is sleeping on the couch now. We have to take Joel to the DIA airport at 4:15 am! Yikes. I don't know if we can buy a new house, but fixing our existing house up is a start. Did I tell you we are getting a new floor downstairs? Love, Mommy

 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/07/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
The new floor is getting put in the basement today. They will finish tomorrow. There is a new floor in Joel's bathroom and I'm going to see if they can do your bathroom too. I straightened up the dining room and kitchen while they worked on it today. The American Girl dolls and stuff from my bedroom are in Larkspur now. I haven't figured out what to do with the dollhouses yet. I realize when we take Rebekah to camp that you will be on Masa. Which one are you going on? Joel called and he misses us. He didn't sleep last night though and was in a bad mood. Rebekah is doing a job at the Conservatory this week. She is working long hours! Miss you so much! Love, Mommy

 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/09/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
Guess what? We are getting laminate wood floors in the the kitchen and living room and dining room! I have moved some of the stuff in those rooms temporarily to your room and locked the door. We had to move a lot of stuff so they can put in the floor. It is piled up to the ceiling! I hope I can get it all out before you come home. We also got new floors in the downstairs bathroom and your bathroom. He may put in a new counter since the countertop looks weird with the new floor. The floor looks like tile! There is a wood floor in the basement now. There was a flash flood tonight and it didn't get into the house! I'm so glad about that. Dad went outside to check in the pouring rain and got soaked. I straightened up Rebekah's room (sort of). The carpet may go in there after you get home. I even sort of made a bed for her by putting comforters on the mattress. By the way, Isabella called and she said she is sorry but she can't come to your birthday party since she'll be out of town until early August or something. Also, Kristen wanted you to take care of Sasha for 4 days next week, but since you are not here, I told her I would do it. I love you so much! Duchess is sleeping under my feet right now. She misses you too. I don't miss going to the rink at all... Hugs and kisses, Mommy
 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/12/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
Rebekah leaves for camp on Wednesday so you will see her soon! We keep working on the house. Your Daddy painted all the baseboards yesterday and I threw tons of stuff away. I am so tired! We have been watching the Hoarders TV show. Today we went to Larkspur. See you in a little over a week. Love, Mommy
 This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Dan Farris on07/12/2015.
Dear Annabelle,
I don't know if Mama mentioned, but we have been stupendously busy moving stuff around preparing for the new floor for our house. I intend to send another letter but I wanted you to know our neglect was unintentional. I know you don't want your camp experience to end so quickly, but truly I look forward to your return home. Lilly really misses you. Love, Daddy
This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/16/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
Your room is back to the way you left it. All the stuff I put in it while they put in the new floor is out in the living room again. I have to figure out where to put all this stuff! Today Leah came and she helped me get all the stuff out of Rebekah's room and we cleared out the storeroom and got a new shelf in there and the shelf in the dining room is in there now. Anyway....I will be there to pick you up on Monday before around 11 am. I hope I am not the last parent there! I heard you went on the farming Masa. You'll have to tell me all about it! Love, Mommy
This email was sent to Annabelle Farris by Jo Ann Farris on07/19/2015.
Dear Annabelle:
I don't know if you'll get this before you leave tomorrow morning, but I'll write it anyway. I'm in Larkspur with Grandpa and we'll pick you up tomorrow at 11 or a little after and then we'll go to the Bagel Deli or the other deli nearby. Then we'll go to Larkspur and you can wash your clothes there. Did you know Savannah no longer lives near us? Their house says "For Rent." I walked Sasha three or four times with the bike thing...both Sasha and Duchess! I did it with the scooter too! I made vegan burritos tonight and Grandpa loved it! Btw...the house is SO EMPTY! And...your room is untouched... See you soon! Love, Mommy

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