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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sharing a FB friend's thoughts about Donald Trump

I have a feeling I am going to get myself in trouble with some of my friends for sharing this political post (below), but Tim Fisher's words, (who I know from when I wrote for must be shared.

Trump is that kid on the bus your parents told you to never sit by. He's the guy that pushes down the group that's walking down the sidewalk to school and takes their lunch money. He's the frat guy your friend says not to get too close to at the party that night - he gave her the creeps the week before when he bumped into her. He's the manager that can't keep any good employees and everyone knows why. He's the retired guy that has nothing better to do than try to make you miserable with his late night calls to the police every time your dog barks. He's the worst things about many different people, all wrapped up into one loser of a human being. And he's president. How disgusting and sad that the bully won and now he gets to be who he really is on the world stage. His interest is nothing more than feeling bigger than you, more important than you, more powerful than you, at any cost. This is what a bully is. Unfortunately, as president, the fallout from bully-rule is not a skinned knee or black eye; it's war, and suffering, and hatred.

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