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Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Book Called "The Janitor's Girl" Inspired My Life

When I was a little girl, growing up in the 1960s, thanks to my parents, I learned to love books. I read constantly. We ddin't have good things to watch on TV, so books were the way to go. Schools gave us a chance to buy inexpensive paperback books from Scholastic Books.

One book I read when I was about ten or eleven years old changed my life. The book is called The Janitor's Girl. The author of the book is Frieda Friedman.

The story is about a girl named Sue who moves to New York City into a huge high rise apartment building. Her father is the Building Superindent ...the janitor.

Sue's sister warns Sue that others will look down on her because of their father's job. Sue doesn't believe that could be possible.

At first, things go okay for the story's heroine Then, a snobby rich family moves into the building. The snobby family has a daughter named Rosalie who looks down on Sue because of her father's job. Rosalie's family are mean people and Rosalie is mean.

Soon Sue is shut out of an exclusive club Rosalie starts and girls she thought were faithful friends won't associate with her.

As first Sue is really upset, but then she does something that changes her life. She befriends some immigrant kids that are not accepted by many Americans. The "outcasts" form their own club and do some really fun and inexpensive things together in New York City.

Some of the girls in Rosalie's exclusive club realize that Sue really has a good thing going. Eventually, they decide that Sue and her friends are really true and faithful friends. They realize that being exclusive or hurting others is not the way to behave.

The Janitor's Girl teaches a lesson. The lesson is that following a prestigious or exclusive group is not always the right way. Following or associating with "outcasts" or those who aren't in the "in-crowd" may be the way to go!

I have followed what I learned from that book for my entire life. I try to never be unfriendly or snobbly. I include, rather than exclude, anyone who wants to be included in my circle of friends. When I have been shut out, I form something new that includes. I've passed on this outlook to my children. I hope they will use that attitude throughout their lives.

I do hope that those who read this can also use this lesson in your own life!


bettye griffin said...

I remember that book!

Lyn729 said...

I remember this book! It was one of my favorites when I was growing up.

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