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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ski Cooper Leadville! Sunday 3-20-16

We LOVE skiing down mountains and every time we do it, it is like visiting Paradise! Today, the weather and conditions were wonderful!

We went up and down the mountain about 10 times!  First, we started with the Buckeye Platter lift to "warm up."  We skied down Last Chance and then went back up and skied down Slades Run and then we went down Buckeye (but I did a bit of the terrain park somewhere down Slades Run and I also recall doing a "black" in the forest, but I can't remember where...).

Then we went up Buckeye Platter a 4th time, but went to the other side of the mountain.  We cut over to Ambush and Tenderfoot and then too the triple chair back up and then we went down Homestake and Trail End.

While Annabelle got something to eat, I went back up Buckeye Platter and skied all the way down Buckeye which was great fun!  Then Annabelle and I went back up Buckeye Platter and did Last Chance and Lower last chance again.

We then went up the 10th Mountain Double Chair lift and skied down Treasure Trove, Get Away, and Eagle and then took the Triple Chair back up.

We then did Trails End through Peek A Boo to Homestake.

There was 10 minutes left, so we took the Double Chair back up and skied down Molly Mayfield and I took a video of my trip down!

It was a wonderful day.  I know somewhere in the midddle I did a small black and also got run into by a snowboarder but he or she was going very slow, so it was okay.  I also talked to some telemark skiers who were climbing the mountain and I have decided I must do that sometime too!

I love skiing!

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