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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Eldora Niordic Center 4-9-16!

I had the best time at Eldora Mountain on Saturday 4-9-16!

I started from the Nordic Center and took the 17th Avenue trail up to the Meadows Loop.  I did the entire Meadows Loop and then did almost all of Phoebe Snow Loop and took it to Twisted Tree.

Twisted Tree took ahwile.  I didn't do Gandy Dancer but ended back on 17th Avenue which I took down to Dixie which took me to Peterson's Return.   I skipped Stadium and instead did Roller Coaster (which is not on the above map) and then went donw 17th Avenue back to the Nordic Center.

After taking some photos with Dan (he just snow shoed at the bottom of the downhill trails), I went back up 17th Avenue to a short run (not on map) called Snowcat which took me to the top of the "Bunny Hill" downhill lift and I hiked up a bit and skied down and practiced a bit of my Telemark techniques on my skate skis!  It was probably the most fun part of the day downhill skiing in my skate skis!

The weather was warm and delightful and it seemed as if I had Eldora to myself.  I only met two (grumpy) men on the trails who didn't smile at me or act like I existed and also two friendly male skiers and a couple of women who said helow and a group of skiers who were friendly where the Measows Loop and Phoebe Snow Loops began.  They told me that the Meadows loop was fun so I did that one first.

It was a happy and nice day!  On the way there, Dan and I drove through Boulder and we also drove through Boulder on the way back.  I wanted to Razor scooter on the bike trails in Boulder, but Dan really wanted to head home since there was a prediction of rain (which never happened).

I will treasure the memory of spending two weekends around our 37th anniversary enjoying cross country skiing in the beautiful Colorado mountains!

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