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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Great and Funny Article About Colorado Springs!

I stumbled on this wonderful blog post: Moving To Colorado Springs, Colorado – A Strange Experience by Ron Stauffer. He lists the quirkly things about Colorado Springs and everything he lists is so true!

His article is so amusing and will make anyone who lives in Colorado Springs (or has lived here) smile and laugh. There are really some very strange things that go on in our city.

Here's Ron Stauffer's list, but read his complete blog post on living in Colorado Springs to enjoy his thoughts and humor:
  1. Colorado Springs is a major military town.
  2. People in Colorado Springs don’t really recycle.
  3. Kids in Colorado Springs play Lacrosse.
  4. People here don’t swim much, but if they do, it’s at an indoor pool.
  5. Colorado Springers can’t pronounce Spanish words. And they don’t care about it at all.
  6. Pikes Peak is really just for tourists.
  7. Bottled items and bags are under pressure.
  8. Many homes in Colorado Springs don’t have an air conditioner.
  9. People in Colorado Springs are very, very, very nice to strangers.
  10. Most people in Colorado Springs are white.
  11. The elevation is killer. (Literally).
  12. There is no good seafood in Colorado Springs.
  13. The coolest cars here are SUVs, not sports cars.
  14. There are (nearly) NO bugs here!
  15. There’s almost no humidity. That’s good and bad.
  16. Deer are pests in Colorado Springs.
  17. Every coffee shop in town has a bible study every morning.
  18. The drivers here are absolutely horrendous.
  19. Are there “Springs” in Colorado Springs? No. Yes. Sorta. Not really.
  20. Colorado has more microbreweries than any other state.
  21. Being local is very important.
  22. Colorado Springs is a land of contradictions.
  23. Colorado Springs has a cemetery of tech companies.
  24. There’s a huge presence of SCUBA divers in Colorado Springs.
  25. There’s static electricity everywhere.
  26. The snow here stays for half a day, then melts.
  27. Constant, never ending road construction and potholes
  28. The entire city shuts down at 10pm, every night.

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