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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Passover 2016 Was GREAT!

We had a wonderful Passover with the Cohen family and my friend Joanna and her sister Jennifer at the Colorado Schneider family vacation home on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

We used a combination of Haggadas (mainly from the Jewish Federation and a bit from the Maxwell House Haggadah) and the Jewish Federation's Haggadah was so easy to follow. Everyone took part.

It was a dairy and fish seder. Everyone loved the salmon and we even had Gefilte fish that we cooked ourselves that came from New York City (I bought it from The Bagel Deli in Denver)!  We also had the regular gefilte fish from the jar and they tasted great too.

We even had three kinds of matzah (egg, israeli, and handmade Smurah matzah, courtesy of Torah Mates, from Israel.)

Annabelle made two kinds of Matzah Ball soups, one loaded with vegetables and the other just matzah balls and broth. We also had the red horshradish - YUM!  And...Annabelle took the time to pre-peel the hard boiled eggs before the meal.  (Thanks Annabelle!)

We ever ate kosher mashed potatoes and sliced sweet potatoes and Quinoa and tomatoes.  Kosher dill pickles were available to eat, but we forgot to eat them until after the seder....or well...

The Choroset was made by Sabrina. It was so good. And....Sabrina played the piano for us as we sang traditional Passover songs and also played for us while we ate.

Karen brought some amazing dessert and we enjoyed those wonderful Passover desserts with coffee and tea. The macaroons were a hit. Joanna's fresh fruit also was gobbled up.

After the meal, we took a walk and Joanna and I did some scootering! Rebekah left us early to study and Annabelle headed off to the prom.

Joanna and her sister Jennifer stayed for most of the day and of course we enjoyed more dessert and coffee.

Dayenu! year in Jerusalem!

Next year, I want to use the Haggadah from  It looks like so much fun!

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