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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Why I May Not Recommend Moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Colorado Springs is so, so beautiful, but I am not sure I recommend moving to this city.

In my family's 40 years here, there have been ups and downs, but the "downs" are outweighing the "ups" at this time, and as I reflect, I believe there is a "dark spiritual cloud" that hangs over this city which causes bad things to happen.

The recent senseless shooting at the Planned Parenthood Clinic on November 27, 2015, has perhaps been the last straw for me.

On a more personal note,  the deep sadness I feel beacuse of Linda Weise and the Colorado Springs Conservatory banning my entire family from even attending a performance (without being given an explanation) is a confirmatiion that Colorado Springs really is no longer a welcoming place.

The amusing article below is written by someone who I don't know who reflecting about our city, but I think it is appropriate to share with this blog post.
Here's another article on Colorado Springs featuring Olympic ice dancing champion Christopher Dean.  It is appropriate to also share thjs with my thoughts that I wrote in this blog post. 
(On a personal note: Although Colorado Springs is a great place to skate, teaching skating in our city is hard because there are not enough rinks and too many coaches. That's my opinion...)

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